Friday Favorites: Resilient U.S. Metros, Gen Y writers, and interview questions

Every Friday we post links to a few interesting resources that we’ve come across lately, or have been using a lot with students on advising. Here’s some favorites for this week:

1. Businessweek has put together a list of The U.S. Metros Least Touched by Recession, which includes 40 areas that have been pretty resilient to the economic downturn due to large numbers of jobs in health care, energy, government, and education. You’ll notice quite a few cities in Texas, as well as traditional UM-student favorites like D.C. and Boston, and fellow Big Ten cities like Madison and Indianapolis.

2. Penelope Trunk recently wrote a great blog post, The Internet has created a generation of great writers, that really flies in the face of what many people are saying about the effect of IM, Twitter, Facebook, etc. on writing:

“First, only 38 percent of the writing young people do takes place in the classroom. Prior to the Internet, almost all writing people did was for the classroom. The increased amount of writing that young people do outside the classroom these days is so significant that Lumsford calls it a paradigm shift.”

While I don’t always agree with her, Penelope consistently writes things that challenge and intrigue me. She’s definitely worth reading.

3. Following a mock interview, we’re often asked for a list of interview questions. While it’s tough to be prepared for every question, here’s our list of common interview questions. We also like this list of 100 Potential Interview Questions. There are a few on the list (#11, 26,43, 88, 95) that are specific to interviews for technical positions, bizzare, or illegal to ask, but the majority of questions there are great to practice with. If you haven’t yet come in for a mock interview, you can make an appointment by calling (734) 764-7460.

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