How to obtain an electronic copy of your unofficial transcript

Have you ever had trouble submitting a copy of your unofficial transcript when applying to jobs online (perhaps through Career Center Connector)? Unfortunately there is no way to download a pdf copy through Wolverine Access, but if you have a Mac (or can get to one at a computer lab) and Firefox, here’s a quick workaround:

1. Open Firefox and log in to Wolverine Access. Click on ‘View Unofficial Transcript’ in the Academic Records section

2. Once your transcript pops up, click and highlight everything underneath ‘View Unofficial Transcript,’ from your name on down the page, until you get to the words “End of Unofficial Transcript.”

3. Go to File –> Print, and when the dialog box pops up be sure to select the option ‘Print Selection Only.’ Then click on PDF in the bottom-left corner, and select ‘Save as PDF…’ and hit ‘Save’

print dialog box

4. Now that you have your unofficial transcript in pdf form, you can submit it electronically for job/internship applications.

PLEASE REMEMBER: If you used a public computer or a friend’s computer to do this, make sure you delete the file from the computer and empty the Trash, once you’ve saved it on a storage device or emailed it to yourself!

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