Senior Struggles: still looking for an internship? Try these helpful sites

The internet can be your friend when it comes to internship searching.

Follow each week as we present step-by-step suggestions to achieve post-college success with less senior year stress.

With the job market still recovering, some of us almost-college graduates are opting to spend this summer interning, rather than jumping right into a full-time career. While the Winter Career Expo has already passed, it is by no means too late to find a summer internship. However, many application due-dates are fast approaching, so check out this list of helpful websites to discover postings and research organizations to determine a great fit:
1. InternMatch

  • Free internship matching.
  • Free Resume and cover letter templates as well as interview advice.
  • An internship-related blog with lots of interesting articles and links.


  • A site started by Lauren Berger who had a whopping 15 internships while in college.
  • Especially helpful for people pursuing a career in a marketing/public relations/entertainment type career.
  • The site breaks down the internship postings into simple, easy to read pages.


  • This site is great for researching possible internship positions and getting the details on the company’s interview/hiring process and company culture. As with any user-created content, take each individual review with a grain of salt.
  • The site features millions of companies so chances are, you’ll find the company you’re looking for.


  • This site locates your connections at different companies by skimming your pre-existing social network contacts.
  • It will highlight job openings that might interest you at companies where you have connections.


  • This site provides internship reviews written by former interns. The same caveats mentioned above about user reviews apply here.
  • Highlights the most important aspects of thousands of different internships: salary, networking, fairness etc.

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  1. is my favorite, thanks for sharing!


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